Our Mission

The Potter’s House is a faith based Men’s Addiction Recovery Ministry.. and a nonprofit organization who’s sole purpose is to train men to become disciples of Jesus Christ ( Matthew 28:19). By doing this, we strongly believe these men will become better husband, fathers, sons and powerful Christian leaders in their communities.

With fatherlessness being on of the biggest problems within our culture today, The Potter’s House was birthed out of Red Creek Baptist Church to provide men with greater direction through unique avenues of discipleship that cultivates and anchors a genuine relationship with God the Father. 


The Program is designed to teach men how to live a passionate and God-filled life through three stages: foundation stage, service stage and restoration stage.

This one year program is not a quick fix – it’s a process. It’s a journey to wisdom purpose and true life that will answer foundational questions: Who am I? Why am I at The Potter’s House? What purpose does God have for my life?

At The Potter’s House, our desire is to see a generation equipped with purpose to fulfill their God-given destiny. Our goal is to help these men to overcome addiction and become disciples of Jesus Christ, which in turn will help them become better fathers and leaders for the next generation.