Potter’s House FAQ
1. How long is the program? The Potter’s House Ministry is a one year process. The first 6 months focuses on their addiction, Bible Studies, Life Application Classes, Worship, and serving the community.
Months 7 -12 depending on their process the men move to a Transition House. They get a job to begin the transition about into the world. They continue to attend the Bible Studies and Worship Services.
2. Do I need Insurance? No, you will not be asked about insurance information as our program is completely free to all residents and resident’s families.
3. How old do I need to be to be accepted? We accept men that are 21 years of age and older that are ready to leave their old life behind and are willing to accept that change is necessary for their lives to change.
4. How much does the program cost? The Potter’s House Ministry is free to all residents. No cost has nor will ever be charged to any man that is truly ready to turn their lives around.
5. What is the process to be accepted? Please fill out the online application. We will set up a time to talk with you about your situation and the ministry.
6. What classes and curriculum are offered? We use the Reformer’s Unanimous Curriculum (rurecovery.com). The men also attend nightly Bible Studies, Wednesday night services at Red Creek Missionary Baptist, Sunday morning services at Red Creek Missionary Baptist Church, and weekly classes to help with their transformation.
7. Will I be able to see my family after I am accepted? Yes, after a 4 week blackout, your family will be able to write and family will be able to visit per our guidelines. We feel that a blackout period is needed to allow for all parties to heal and allow God the time and space to work in these situations